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Uniform Information
Top: Girls
White, Black or Gray
Bottom: Girls
Black or Khaki
Top: Boys
Black, White or Gray
Bottom: Boys
Black or Khaki
Girls Socks
Black or White
Boys Socks
Black or White
Black or White
Additional Notes
Students have a responsibility to wear clothes that are not dangerous to their health or safety and to dress in a manner that is not disrupting to the educational process. Clothes worn should not advertise drugs, alcohol, tobacco, inappropriate language and/or sexual behavior. Student will dress and groom in such a way as to express personal preferences within the guidelines of the school dress code. Student are prohibited from wearing dropped pants, low riding jeans, and shorts revealing the buttocks or underwear, short tops revealing the belly button, and inappropriate short dresses, shorts, or skirts. Middle and high school students are required to have shirts tucked in and pants are to be worn with a belt.